The lists, if you can call them that. Frighteningly disorganized musings portraying beautiful, unadulterated, discovered work.
No, unfortunately this week’s issue isn’t a request for feature ideas from readers, although we do take pattern requests!
A recurring theme of Long Pressed is optionality. At interesting time scales we introduce patterns that help teams discover and make trade offs…
We recently elaborated on some of the challenges of Tribal Knowledge by the request of a reader.
Let’s talk about kitchens.
Written communication should be top of mind for any modern business continuing to adapt to the challenges of remote work.
The use and definition of the words "Affordance" and "Signifier" can be a point of contention amongst software designers, product managers, and design…
Data isn’t a proxy for our users as individuals. Correlation does not imply causation. Designing a product for the average person is designing a product…
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