Long Pressed

A quick introduction

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity I have not just to grow, but to influence growth. Going on almost 5 years now I've been delighted to be working alongside Ilya Sterin and Charlie Blaesser to lead the discovery, design, development, and execution of industry first products like PubHub and IDEx. Along the way, we've had to continuously adapt our thinking and the way we work to a constantly evolving business landscape. We've identified patterns, antipatterns and principles that guide everything from how we build products in cycles to how we purposefully and thoughtfully respond to feature requests. We started this newsletter, Long Pressed, where each week we highlight one of these patterns that is top-of-mind, something we're using to solve real challenges in our work. The patterns cover categories like people, productivity, product development, design, and software engineering. Our hope is that they'll also help others solve some of their own unique business challenges.

The patterns we feature in this newsletter are codified and connected in a pattern graph that you can explore in depth on longpressed.com.

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